Henrik Anker Olesen

High performance leadership / Doing Business in China / Success


Career Summary
Highly energetic, positive, open and goal oriented leader focused on delivering results.

12 years international experience in Asia working with sales and business development

Significant experience with major deal making (Outsourcing, real estate, private equity)

Hands on experience with integrations, turnarounds/restructuring and reengineering.

Sale of ERP – Sold several SAP and Oracle installations to multinational clients.

IT Outsourcing – desktop management & helpdesk, managed 1,200 staff

Hardware – sale of 40,000 PCs and 270 servers.

Software – sales of mainframe contracts exceeding 120 MUSD.

Outsourcing – contract in Warehousing and Distribution. Deployment of 600 staff

Hypergrowth – From 17 to 150 staff. From 60 to 100 MUSD in one year.

Thought leadership in container shipping and logistics.

Fluency in Chinese, Thai, English, German.

Deep Asia and China expertise.

Erfaringer fra 10 år i Asien og Kina

Hear about how to do business with success in China and Asia

High Performance Leadership

How to you get your teams to be high performing and reach their objectives.

How to win and be successful

How to differentiate yourself from competition and win everytime you have a big deal. What are the characteristics of winners and how do you ensure you have the best team lined up to win the deal.


Erfaringer fra 10 år i Asien og Kina
High Performance Leadership
How to win and be successful